Vampire Squid from Hell.


vampiresquid4 The “vampire squid from Hell” (Vampyroteuthis infernalis), is a deep-sea    creature that you can find in depth ranges of 1,800 – 3,500 ft, where there is virtually no light. This squid is mostly found in tropical areas, and it prefers temperatures between 35 – 45 degrees farenheit.Straying away from its monstrous name, it actually leans towards the smaller side when it comes to squid, reaching a maximum of six inches in length. This squid is a cross between octopuses and squid. In 1903, it was actually mistaken for an octopus by marine researchers. It’s called the vampire squid because it has 8 arms, that are linked together with webby skin, which makes it look it’s wearing a cape. On each arm is a row of suction cups The vampire squid also has a very gelatinous body, which resembles a jelly fish. It has humongous eyes, the approximate size of a large dog, which look odd on it’s 6 inch body. Its eyes either appear blue or red, depending on the light surrounding it. This creature has light-producing organs all over its’ body which are called photophores. These organs allow it to “turn itself on and off” as it wishes, throughout the water. The light it produces is its’ main source of defense, for it cannot change colors, unlike most other squid. The vampire squid also lacks in the ink producing sack which most other squids use for defense. vampiresquid2

Its diet is believed to consist of prawns and other small invertibrates. The vampire squid is delicious pray to seals, whales, and other large fish. This squid has a very low metabolic rate, which means it can survive for long periods without any food. This is a good trait to have because it is extremely hard to find food at such deep depths.

Their reproductive habits are still unknown to us, but it is believed that these squid lay a few eggs, and as the offspring hatch out, they simply drift with the water. The eggs are opaque, and reach a size of 8 millimeters.

I personally love vampire squids because they’re so different to any other type of squid. They look very delicate and I love the webbing around their arms, which make it look like it has a cape on. I also love the fact that it can control the light around it.


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